2023 Events

2023 Events
Photo of Kylie and Basmah outside of Halifax West High School after delivering a scholarship workshop.

We officially launched MAP Mentorship in September of 2023, after tons of planning and multiple sleepless nights spent talking about our vision. Since September, we've grown our team, held multiple outreach events at Halifax West High School (our alma matter!), and met tons of amazing students. This post is dedicated to highlighting the events we held in 2023.

Scholarship Workshop

A common theme at MAP Mentorship is the desire to make resources available to younger students that we wish we had! To launch our involvement with the school in October 2023, we hosted 2 scholarship workshops where we shared everything from what awards are available, how to apply, and why scholarships are so important. Major thanks to Yousef and Ayush for attending and sharing their tips as well. We had a lot of great feedback from this workshop! We've dedicated a section of our website to scholarship resources which can be found here.

Photo of the classroom and presentation slides used in the scholarship workshop.

Study Skills Workshop

After shedding blood, sweat, and tears trying to find the best textbooks, practice problems, and study strategies, we decided to share what we've learned over the years through a study skills workshop. Here, we talked about techniques like active recall, blurting, index cards, white boards, and much more. We hope that you found this workshop helpful and can apply some new techniques to your own studies. Check out a copy of our presentation here.

Photo of Basmah and Kylie delivering the study skills workshop at Halifax West.