Our Team

MAP would not be possible without our dedicated team members. This page is intended to highlight those who help make our mission possible.


Yousef Awara

Hey everyone, I’m Yousef! I will be one of the volunteers and planners for the MAP program. I will be behind the scenes to help plan and execute the events and activities for the younger students. I am hoping to contribute to this program and academic development of everyone partcipating. As a university student, I am someone who values my free time. If I am not busy, I will be going to the gym, hanging out with friends, watching shows, or playing video games. I also have two cats that are good company when I am home :)

Photograph of Yousef's cat

Ayush Saha

Hello everyone, my name is Ayush! I will be a volunteer for MAP that you might find at some of the events or just planning behind the scenes. Learning and education has always been important to me, and I hope that I can lend support for students in any academic endeavour. That’s not all I do though! Outside of MAP I enjoy going to gym, chilling with friends, or even plugging a few hours on video games. However, if you see me out in the wild, I am most likely just scrolling through monkey memes!

Photograph of Ayush and his dog