Study Resources

Chemistry: High school

  1. Massey Chemistry

This is a GAME CHANGER for practice with IB Chemistry. There is tons of practice available on this website…for FREE!

2. Richard Thornley

Now, this guy..he is like NO OTHER. Let me tell you, when I was in IB Chemistry HL, Richard was the one who taught me thermo! He has a very extensive youtube playlist with MANY wonderful tutorials. He even raised over $10k for various charities!

Biology: High school

  1. BioNinja

Biology students… what are you doing if you don’t use BioNinja! It has a lovely organized overview of all the main points for each topic and its sections! I've also used this website for some of my university classes because the diagrams are just that good!

IB Resources: High school

  1. Nail IB

This is a GREAT website for all things IB. It has personalized practice tests and not to mention an AMAZING layout. They have everything, blogs, guides, sample IAs and sample EE’s, you name it! He even raised over $10k for various charities!

2. Smart IB Resources

So many free resources, including past papers, markschemes, IA guides, and youtube tutorials! IG: @smart.ib.resources OR

3. Oxford IB Study Guides - group 4 subjects

The Oxford IB Study Guides do a great job of tackling group 4 (science) subjects in a very digestible way. During the IB Diploma, the Biology and Chemistry HL books were a constant resource for me. There's also practice paper 1 and paper 2 questions in these books as well that can not be understated.

4. Cambridge Study Guides/Textbooks - group 3 subjects

Oh my god... these books SAVED me in History SL. Compared to any other publisher or series, these are far superior in terms of layout, content delivery, and application to paper 1 and paper 2 tests. If you're taking any IB humanities classes, these books are a must.

5. Past Papers

Hands down, the absolute best resource for the IB Program is past papers. If you're able to get your hands on some of these, I guarantee you that life as you know it will be forever changed. This works for all subjects and is by far the best way to study. 

Organic Chemistry: University

  1. MIT Practice Exams

2. Towson University

Most helpful for Organic Chemistry semester 2 where a lot of reactions are introduced.

Problem sets by chapter

3. Chem Help ASAP

Tons and tons of practice problem sets and video tutorials, most helpful for Organic Chemistry semester 2.

4. Minnesota State University

Great video tutorials and practice problem sets and mock exams.

5. Ace Organic Chemistry

Video tutorials, prepared flash cards, and practice problem sets by unit.

6. Peter Norris Organic Chemistry 

Flash card style reaction cards that help explain relevant mechanisms in simple diagrams.

7. Master Organic Chemistry 

This list wouldn't be complete without arguably the best resource of all time. Master Organic Chemistry is definitely not a misnomer and explains concepts in depth for whatever stage of the course you're at.

Study Strategies

How should I study? How do I not waste my time studying? How do I study for different subjects?

These are questions that almost every student that I've talked to has had. Mastering your study strategies is a crucial skill in your education journey, and learning how to study more effectively will free you with more time to do the things you love.

Thank you to those who attended our study skills workshop this week! For those looking to reference the information that we talked about, see the attached PowerPoint.

Tried and True Study Techniques